7 Tips for Getting the Lowest Car Insurance Quotes

The rate you pay for car insurance is based on a variety of factors used to assess your risk. Some factors, such as the number of years you’ve been driving, are largely out of your control. Other factors, however, are less fixed and could directly affect your premiums. With this in mind, the following seven tips could help you get low car insurance quotes.

  1. Maintain a Good Driving Record. If you’ve never been at fault for an accident, ask for a safe driver discount. Car insurance quotes for safe drivers could help you lower the amount you pay every month. In addition, accident forgiveness could also play into lowering your car insurance rate.
  2. Get Good Grades. If you are a student, getting good grades can earn you a discount on your coverage. Additionally, parents who have a high school or college student on their policies could also get a discount for the student’s good grades. A “B” average or higher is usually required for this discount.
  3. Ask for a “Leisure Driver” Discount. Do you just drive to and from the grocery store? Are you just using the car to visit family once per month? If so, ask for a leisure driver discount. This type of offer is typically reserved for those who drive fewer than 50 miles per week.
  4. Get an Anti-Theft Device. Do you have a car alarm or tracking device on your car? If so, you may try asking for an anti-theft device discount. Your agent should be able to provide you with car insurance quotes based on active and passive anti-theft devices.
  5. Reduce Coverage for Older Cars. Is your car getting old? Consider getting car insurance quotes for the minimum coverage required by law. When the value of your car is low, you might not need full coverage anymore.
  6. Get a Car with Anti-Lock Brakes. Cars with anti-lock brakes may also qualify for a discount. These devices tend to reduce the likelihood of an accident, and insurance companies offer better rates to drivers with lower risks.
  7. Bundle Your Insurance Policies. Do you need homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance, too? For many drivers, it’s possible to get a multiple-policy discount. Using the same insurer for your homeowner’s, life or car insurance policy could lower your premiums.

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